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IMG_6038 web

The Conference (oil)

In the Clouds (oil)

phoca_thumb_l_Elvis (oil)

phoca_thumb_l_Foliage (oil)

phoca_thumb_l_Fools' Paradise (oil)

phoca_thumb_l_Golden Delicious (oil)

phoca_thumb_l_Hopeful (oil)

phoca_thumb_l_img_3741 bubbles web

phoca_thumb_l_img_3744 guy web

phoca_thumb_l_img_3747 red

phoca_thumb_l_img_3750 gateway web

phoca_thumb_l_img_3753 ivy web

phoca_thumb_l_img_4430 copy web

phoca_thumb_l_img_4591 copy web

phoca_thumb_l_img_4735 copy web

phoca_thumb_l_img_5075 copy web

phoca_thumb_l_Marilyn (oil)

phoca_thumb_l_metamorphacygnus oil

phoca_thumb_l_soft landscape at denford oil

phoca_thumb_l_Stairway to Heaven (oil)

phoca_thumb_l_The Mask (oil)

phoca_thumb_l_What the Butler Saw (oil)

phoca_thumb_l_Yesterday's Dream (oil)

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